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UnSeelie Self

by Alexander James Adams

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Sai Chi
Sai Chi thumbnail
Sai Chi This is exactly the album that I need right now. Especially Warlock's Oath and Fang into Vein. Of course, the entire album is glorious spooky goodness. I'm in love. <3 Favorite track: Warlock's Oath.
Kitty Olsen
Kitty Olsen thumbnail
Kitty Olsen I've never heard such a beautiful song about vampires and the curse of immorality. This whole album in general is just so lovely. Favorite track: Fang into Vein.
Lia Graf
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Lia Graf I'm a horror fangirl, a horror geek, a horror nerd. My first horror movie was Them!, followed by The Haunting (not that horrid remake). This particular darkness I don't mind surrounded by. Fav tracks, nope, I love them all! /wicked cackle
Jeanne Obrien
Jeanne Obrien thumbnail
Jeanne Obrien I have never been able to put into words what Afghanistan did to me and my soul, the song Lost says in a way I have never been able to. Favorite track: Lost.
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IT'S HALLOWEEN! Lyrics: Alexander James Adams Music: Variation on a theme of Bach's Tocatta in Gm- by Alexander James Adams It's Halloween, oh, have you seen A fearsome sight? Enormous fright? Come from the gloom into your room to doom you with a bite? Flies through the air, Oh what a scare! Looks in your eye, you think you'll die! No one will come into your home to answer to your cry! HALLOWEEN! IT'S HALLOWEEN! A midnight cat, a vampire bat, A horseman's head that's bathed in red, All these you'll meet upon the street if you don't stay in bed! Knock on the door! Hands from the floor! From ceiling beam you'll hear a scream! From blood you'll feint! It's just red paint! Things aren't what they might seem! HALLOWEEN! IT'S HALLOWEEN! Trick or treat is not so sweet If you can't make out real from fake To sift and sieve what to believe, reality's at stake! A clammy grip will make you trip, The fear you feel will make you squeal! You'll never know what's real on Halloween! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2010
Samhain 03:37
SAMHAIN! Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander As the sun bleeds through the murk 'Tis the last day we shall work- For the veil is thin and the spirit wild, The crone is carrying Harvest's child! SAMHAIN! TURN AWAY! RUN YE BACK TO THE LIGHT OF DAY! SAMHAIN! HOPE AND PRAY! ALL YE MEET ARE THE GENTLE FAE! Burn the fields and dry the corn, Feel the breath of Winter born! Stow the grain 'gainst season's flood, Spill the last of the livestock's blood- Let the feasting now begin, Careful who you welcome in! The table's set with a stranger's place, Don't stare openly at his face! Stranger do you have a name? Tell us all from whence you came- You seem more like god than man, Has curse or blessing come to this clan? Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996, 2010
KING HENRY: Traditional Childe Ballad BLACK NAG: Traditional English Dance Tune Let never a man a woo-ing wend who lackith things a-three, A store of gold, an open heart And full of charity This was said of King Henry As he lay quite alone For he's taken him to a haunted hall Seven miles from the town Oh he has driven him deer before, The doe down by the glen 'Till the fattest buck in all the flock King Henry, he has slain His huntsmen followed him to the hall To make them burly cheer When loud the wind was heard to howl And an earthquake rocked the floor! As darkness covered all the hall As they sat at their meat, The greyhounds, yowling, left their food And crept to Henry's feet And louder howled the rising wind That burst the fastened door And in there came a grisly ghost Stamping across the floor! Her head hit the roof top of the house Her middle you could not span! Each frightened huntsman fled the hall And left the king alone Her teeth were the tether stakes, Her nose, a club or mell And nothing less she seemed to be Than a fiend that comes from Hell! "Some meat! Some meat! Ya King Henry, some meat ya bring to me! Go kill your horse, ya King Henry And bring some meat to me!" He has slain his berry brown steed, It made his heart full sore, For she's eaten it up all skin and bone Left nothing but hide and hair! "More meat! More meat! Ya King Henry, more meat ya bring to me! Go kill your greyhounds, King Henry And bring some meat to me!" He has slain his good greyhounds, It made his heart full sore, For she's eaten them up all skin and bone Left nothing but hide and hair! "More meat! More meat! Ya King Henry, more meat ya bring to me! Go kill your goshawks King Henry And bring some meat to me!" He has slain his good goshawks, It made his heart full sore, For she's eaten them up all skin and bone Left nothing but feathers bare! "Some drink! Some drink! Ya King Henry, some drink ya give to me! Sew up your horse hide, King Henry And bring some drink to me!" He has sewn the bloody hide, A pipe of wine put in, And she's drank it down all in one drop Left never a drop therein! "A bed! A bed! Ya King Henry, a bed ya make for me! Oh, you must pull the heather green, And make it soft for me!" He has pulled the heather green, And made for her a bed, And taken has he, his good mantle And over it he has spread! "Take off your clothes now, King Henry, And lay down by my side! Oh swear, oh swear, ya King Henry, To take me as your bride!" "God forbid!" says King Henry, "That ever the like betide! That ever a fiend that comes from Hell Should stretch down by my side!" The dark is gone, the day has come, The sunlight fills the hall The fairest lady that ever was seen Lay 'twixt him and the wall "I've laid with many a gentle knight, that gave me such a thrill- Ah, but never before with a perfect knight That gave me all my will!" Sea Fire Productions Inc p 2010
Wild Hunt 03:38
WILD HUNT Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Ride with wind, through the fields and the trees O'er the hills with your kin, 'til you can't feel your knees! On a steed that won't hear, though you wail and you cry For your legs will not steer, and you never will die! COME AND RIDE! COME AND RIDE! MYSTIFIED BY OUR POWERS! COME AND RIDE! COME AND RIDE! SOUL DENIED! YOU ARE OURS! COME AND RIDE! Come, join the hunt for the fox running fast, We will ride in the front, you will take up the last- Through the night and the cold, through the mist without rest, Cursed by magic of old, you will never be blessed! You'll be aching with grief for the light of the day, For your lack of belief, it's the price that you pay! You've forgotten our ways and refused to hold true! 'Tis the ending of days! 'Tis the ending of you! Sea Fire Productions Inc. c&p 2006, 2010
ICHABOD CRANE Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Walkin' through the town in a fancy learned way, Talk is goin' 'round and now we're bettin' you don't stay! The Horseman's out for glory and your head you cannot keep If you don't believe the stories when the hollow is asleep! Such a tasty morsel, but you cannot have her yet! Don't act in haste, of course, because she's someone else's pet! Teacher, I beseech you now to try to keep your head, And don't tumble with Van Tassel in a fluffy feather bed! ICHABOD CRANE, DON'T GO RIDIN' TONIGHT! THERE'S A BRIGHT, BLOODY STAININ' ON THE PALE MOONLIGHT! BULL FROG CRYIN' OUT A WICKED REFRAIN, ARE YOU LISTENIN' TO HIM SINGIN' “ICHABOD CRANE!”? The Horseman rides a stallion that's as black as Winter's night, Courses through the valley in attempt to give us fright- If you think of midnight strollin' better think upon it twice, 'Cause your head 'll go a rollin' just as smooth as loaded dice! Now don't 'cha be forgettin' that they say he cannot fail! Not a soul that's met him and has lived to tell the tale! He'll decapitate you quick and dead, and never show remorse, And he'll gather up your severed head and feed it to his horse! So if you're out at evening, and you see a head of flame, To late to start believin' you have just yourself to blame! Your safety lies within a chance that only happens when You hastily cross the covered bridge and not return again! Sea Fire Productions Inc, c&p 2004, 2010
BLACK UNICORN Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander I am he that knocks on your windowpane! I am he that stalks the night! I am he with silver shot through my mane! You'll dream of me with fire eyes bright! If you ever meet me standing there, You'll wish that you were never born! I'll seize your soul and strip it bare! I am the black unicorn! My horn is forged of silver fire! My shoulders bear leatheren wings! I am the nightmare of your own desire! I am the song that the Devil sings! Hellfire dancing in my eyes! My coat is as black as coal! Mortals are so quick to hypnotize, And then, I merely take your soul! Teeth sharp as daggers cooled in the snow, And hooves that burn through the ground! Follow me not where I lead you to go, For then your soul will be Devil-bound! There is but one who rides my back And keeps his soul ever free! His heart is cold and will not crack, And he is as cursed as me! WHITE UNICORN Lyrics: Bob Kenefsky Music: Heather Alexander I am he that's stuck to your windowpane! I am he that haunts your days! I am he that maidens once sought in vain, Long dead, and now the latest craze! When you get letters from your friends, Each page of them I will adorn! My reign of cuteness never ends! I am the white unicorn! My horn of silvery tinsel is honed! My shoulders bear butterfly wings! I am the teddy bear you never owned! I'm the song that the Smurf's all sing! One look into my big brown eyes, No deeper than a children's poem- Adults are so quick to hypnotize! You'll buy me and you'll take me home! My coat is white as the purist snow! My face is too cute to hide! Prison me not in that box with a bow! I'm scared! It may be dark inside! Oh, what a cruel blow you have dealt! You gave me to a child of three! Her heart's too pure and will not melt! And she is as cute as me! I am he that's stuck to a candy-cane! Off-white, and with a bright blue patch! I am he with chocolate smeared through my mane! By gosh! I think I met my match! How could you leave me in her care, So mistreated and forlorn! Her grubby hands clenched in my hair! One shabby white unicorn! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2010
A ROGUE'S RETURN Lyrics: Master Shakaar Music: Alexander James Adams He rides his steed in the dead of night In search of a window with candle bright Of a lady who signals to spend the night With the rogue known as Black Jack Davy He whisks her off on the back of his steed She is thrilled by his power, strength & speed Heart and soul she’d give if he'd fill her need To be had by the Black Jack Davy HE SINGS, “I’M BLACK JACK DAVY, THE FASTEST ROGUE AROUND! BUT I AM CURSED BY A RED-HAIRED GIRL WHO WILL LAY ME IN THE COLD HARD GROUND!” He smiles like a cat when his deed is done She whispers to him, “You are bested by none!” But night is shattered just before the sun By the cry of the Black Jack’s Lady “How’d she find me here?” hisses thru his teeth As he quickly gets dressed and springs to his feet Cause he knows that her sword can never be beat It’s the blade of the Black Jack’s Lady SHE CRIES, “OH BLACK JACK DAVY! TURN THAT STEED AROUND!” HE SAYS, “I WOULD BE CRAZY FOR YOU WOULD LAY ME IN THE COLD HARD GROUND!” He hides in a cave and sleeps thru the day At nightfall then, he is up and away The Ancient Ones will then hear him pray, “Keep me safe from the Black Jack’s Lady!” And he rides his steed in the dead of the night In search of that window with candle bright of another lady who will spend the night With the rogue known as Black Jack Davy “I’M BLACK JACK DAVY! THE “BESTEST” ROGUE AROUND! I SWEAR THAT RED-HAIRED GIRL WILL NOT CATCH ME NOR LAY ME IN THE COLD HARD GROUND!” Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2010
Gruagach! 02:46
GRUAGACH! Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Deep within the forest dark, Lies a beast with baleful bark! Feasting on an infant's soul, Cross its path and pay the toll! ARA'! GRUAGACH! ARA'! GRUAGACH! Pass not through the village gate! Sun is set and day is late! If you walk alone at night, You meet black and grey and white! Crouched upon a rock or tree, It eats either you or me! It needs neither knife nor bowl, Drink your blood out of your skull! Eyes that blaze a fearful red! Claws that rend a body dead! Teeth that strip your white bones bare! They knit mittens from your hair! They will tan your hide for shoes! Boil your fat to grease their stews! Singing shanties to your groans! Playing pipes of hollowed bones! Run! Hide! Stay inside! Listen unto me! Dark sport is the court of the Un-Seelie! These words I have saved 'til last! Learn them well and hold them fast! Never venture from your bed! Else your very soul is dead! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2002, 2010
WARLOCK'S OATH Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams I swear to do what’s right for me I swear to keep my spirit free To not hold true what feels like lies To not be bound by others ties I’ll know deception through and through I’ll find it myself and you I’ll do what’s right ‘gainst what is writ And not just go along with it I will be what I need to be To tread the dark when none can see To listen to the winds of change The words of war I will exchange I swear to risk all bonds of Clan If they forbid free will in Man I'll stand against my Chieftain tall If what is sworn endangers all BROKEN WORD, TRAITOROUS SIGN HAVE YOU HEARD THE NAME THAT’S MINE? I will use any power I need To challenge any Holy Rede Oath or promise I will break If Higher Truth is at the stake I pledge to nothing held too tight For what was wrong may now be right I vow to never bind or tie For as things change, then so must I We swear our promises with all our heart But when things change they tend to fall apart Sometimes with Truth and Honour One cannot have both Sometimes there’s call to take a Warlock’s Oath BROKEN WORD, TRAITEROUS SIGN NOW YOU’VE HEARD THE NAME THAT’S MINE! TRUTH OR HONOUR: YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH SO ON THESE GROUNDS I CALL THE WARLOCK’S OATH! WITHIN THESE BOUNDS I SPEAK THE WARLOCK’S OATH! FREE WILL RESOUNDS WITHIN THE WARLOCK’S OATH! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2010
UNDERTAKERS FROM HELL Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander (Traditional Childrens' Song) Have you seen the ghost of Tom? Long white bones with the flesh all gone! Ooooo! Wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on? STEP BY STEP, WE WALK IN THE DARKNESS! WINK AND BLINK, WE SQUINT AT THE LIGHT! BLACK AND BLACKER, LOVING OUR STARKNESS! KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT! Dreams your dreams, we'll turn them to nightmares! Sing your songs, we'll change 'em to cries! Tell your tale when no-one in sight cares! End them all when everyone dies! We can change a friend to an enemy! We can turn a family to foe! Fear can send your soul to condemnity! There you'll scream and no-one will know! Fear can make you see your iniquity! Sear your heart and shatter your soul! Freeze your mind for all of Antiquity! Slice you up and you'll never be whole! Don't answer that bell! Never, ever let us in! We're undertakers from Hell! And we're here to take you in! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2006, 2010
Lost 03:58
LOST Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams I am lost, I am lost- And I cannot hear the rain- Dumb and blind, I can’t find My own pathway home again- Floating in fog, stripped of all my cognizance And known reality- Just a song and rhyme, falling out of time Afraid to even breath- I don’t know the right from wrong, I can’t tell the truth from lies- If you ask me what I need, I’m looking for it in your eyes- I am lost, I am lost- But they say it’s up to me- In my hand, my command To change the way I see- My own choice to make, my own step to take To bring me closer to the light- But every time I start, I’m just torn apart By something hidden in the night- How am I to ever see Beyond the darkness of my head? The only light I had was you I turned that off, and now I’m dead- Lost and wild, a broken child That must run headlong thru the night- Ripped and torn by nightmares born From the fears he will not fight- Running ever from his light! I am lost, I am lost- And I cannot seem to change- For too long, I’ve been wrong Love and hope are out of range- Hitting a hard wall, should I try at all? If the answer’s still the same? Thought my plan was new, yet it still fell thru And I have myself to blame- Is there anyone out there Who can shine the light for me? I’ve been crying for so long Now I have no eyes to see- Is there anyone out there? Is there anyone out there? Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2010
FANG INTO VEIN Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams I sit here alone in the dark of the storm You stand in the entrance-way, pulsing and warm- You fled from your fears, you came to my hall, I smell your hot tears, so I answer your call- “How may I serve you, my Lady so fair? There’s food and there’s drink and I’ve shelter to spare- Your face is so pale, your body so weak, There's tears in your eyes and blood on your cheek! COME INTO MY HOME, YES, PLEASE COME THRU MY DOOR! YOU'LL LEAVE ALL THE LIFE THAT YOU KNEW ONCE BEFORE- COME LAY BACK YOUR HEAD, IT MEANS NOTHING TO ME- I WILL GIVE YOU A KISS OF MY OWN IMMORTALITY! PAIN YOU STILL FEAR WHILE FOR PLEASURE YOU LUST- WE'LL SEE HOW YOU FEEL WHEN YOUR BLOOD TURNS TO DUST! I walk through the night and I pass a young lad, In chain and in leather, and anger he’s clad- Forsaken by Love, he's turned from Its light, So I bring him back home to my hall for the night- I exist for sweetness of fang into vein! The marching of Time is an endless refrain! The years of experience come take their toll, I know the sensation of losing my soul! It’s not “Life forever”, it’s not a quick mend, This “gift” that I offer is Death without end! Think carefully, Child, before coming to me, I’ve forgotten the Truth of what living can be! You can’t great know of pleasure and not know of pain, You can’t live forever and not go insane! YOU'LL SURRENDER WHAT'S REAL TO BECOME ONE OF US! Sea Fire Productions Inc. c&p 2010
DAUGHTERS OF ANGELS Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams Indented quotes extracted from the Book of Enoch The daughters of Eve were a beauteous sight, They captured the hearts of the Angels of Light- Thus came the coupling of Heaven aqnd Earth, And with it, the blessings of love and new birth- The offspring were taller, empowered and strong, They were taught all the secrets in Nature’s great song- They were given the knowledge of root, earth and stone, But knowledge of metal was best left alone- "Those who were before us thought it good to speak, Let not us, who come after, obstruct the beginning of Wisdom." Weapons they fashioned, warfare they wrought, Respect was forgotten for what they were taught- Heaven’s sons died and all women wept, Wisdom was lost and Knowledge ill kept- "You shall behold the destruction of your beloved sons; You shall not possess them, but they shall fall before you by the sword." DAUGHTERS OF ANGELS, IT'S NOW UP TO YOU- YOU'RE ALL THAT IS LEFT OF THE WAY THAT IS TRUE- THE KNOWLEDGE MAN HAD IS FORGOTTEN OR BENT- ONLY YOU HOLD THE WISDOM THAT WAS ONCE HEAVEN SENT- The Heavens cried out and those tears filled the land, All then was flooded both humble and grand- Few men survived to continue the way, And women were silenced to this very day- "Wisdom went forth to dwell among the sons of men, but she obtained not a habitation. Wisdom returned to her place, and seated herself in the midst of the angels." And now we repeat what has once gone before, Great knowledge is ours but we hunger for more- We poison our oceans, our air and our land, We kill or destroy what we can’t understand- "Purify the earth from all oppression, from all injustice, from all crime, from all impiety, and from all the pollution which is committed upon it. Exterminate them from the earth." Man has forgotten what women still know, We’re all linked as one in the ebb and the flow- The women kept knowledge of root, earth and stone, And they have the strength to leave metal alone- Brothers, lay down all your metal in hand, Let women speak now for the health of this land- While we possess knowledge of Heavens above, Survival depends on Her wisdom and love- Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2010
WHAT ARE WE DOING? Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams What are we doing? With our ears plugged in sound? We cancel out Nature & the world all around- What are we doing? With our eyes blind light? From a screen on a table that dims stars in the night- WE TAKE WHAT WE WANT FROM THIS LIFE BUT WHAT HAVE WE RETURNED? OUR SKIES ARE NOW BLACKENED BY SMOKE & OUR OCEANS ARE BURNED- OUR MOUNTAINS ARE FLATTENED & BROKEN FROM ABOVE & BELOW GREAT WORDS OF CONCERN HAVE BEEN SPOKEN BUT VERY FEW DEEDS OF TRUE LOVE HAVE WE TO SHOW- What are we doing? With the tales we are told? We talk & we worry & invest in pure gold What are we doing? When we choose not to walk? When we trash not recycle? When we twitter not talk? What are we doing? When our words fill the air? We boost up our ratings, does it prove that we care? What are we doing? When we kneel down to pray? Do we beg for God’s mercy, and yet not change our way? What are we doing? With our cities so tall? Our laws so extending & our hearts still so small? What are we doing? For the person we see? Do we crank up our earphones & turn on that TV? Our birds die of oil, our fish die of air Our water is poisoned, our forests laid bare But we still wear our crystals & pray on bent knee & we still gladly kill you when you disagree! Sea Fire Productions Inc. c&p 2010
UNSEELIE SELF Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams All things come from Darkness, Returning is their goal- I hold this dark in times between, Foundation of my soul- Once I lit a candle but then I put it out- Now what remains is Hate and Fear, And ever lasting Doubt- No words to romance Darkness, No music to extol- There’s nothing good about this place; Being broken and un-whole- No bravery will heal it, No courage seems to mend- My actions turn against me, Intentions twist and bend- My hands won’t grasp my self control, Can’t open to receive- They hold tight to my hate and fear, In Darkness they believe- The candle that in past burnt bright Was never really me- It kept me from my inner truth, The one I “wished” to see- But now, without that firelight, There’s nothing left but ice- Black and cold and dangerous, With Darkness as it’s vice- My inner truth; abused and bent- Not gentle Fae or elf- But hard and cruel, And careless thought- My dark Un-Seelie Self- Yet in this bitter Darkness, I will search once more to find A tiny spark of inner fire That might be left behind- A little ember burning bright, A glint upon a shelf, A guiding flash of spirit’s light, In my Un-Seelie self- Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2010


released October 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Alexander James Adams Redmond, Washington

From the Land of Fae comes the Faerie Tale Minstrel with songs and stories of days gone by and futures yet to come. Guitar and fiddle support a voice that enchants the ear and comforts the heart. Jigs and reels, lust and lullabye, the magic and music are there for those that believe. ... more

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