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The Blue Rose Rare and Other Faerie Tales

by Alexander James Adams

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    A collection of faerie tales retold from new perspectives to inspire the listener to find the Hero's Path in their own life story

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The Blue Rose Rare - Alexander James Adams In the beginning, I feared to let live, All the deep, open feelings that love can truly give- Guarded with darkness, my heart would not show, All of the passion that only I know- "The Blue Rose Rare, one cannot gain, If glove or guard be worn, 'Tis only when one risks the pain Of Flesh Against the Thorn" I was transformed in some monsterly ways, To be mirroring actions of how I spent those days- Cursed and painful, my image to see, I was that way on the day you found me- THE BLUE ROSE RARE, IS PRECIOUS IN PART- IT IS THE THORN IN THE STRENGTH OF MY HEART- I tried to keep you, but you would not stay, In the world I created and so you went away- Trust had been shattered and love had been torn, You turned against me with undeserved scorn- (Chorus) Still I hung onto the one thing I knew, Which was how to stay strong with the love that I now grew- And though it may hurt me to love once again, I will be stronger than you could be then- (Chorus with Counter Chorus) (Chorus) c&p 2022 RyuuAja Music & Productions
Real Boy 05:52
Real Boy - Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams What is this casing I'm in? Pinewood and wire so thin? Though I've been carved by a knife, Something has given me life! There are no strings now to make, Every movement I take- No other's will to employ, I'm not just somebody's toy- I am gonna grow up and become a Real Boy! But I must follow this rule, I have to go straight to school- I don't feel I should go, There's so much more I could know! There's a great big wide world and it's waiting for me, I will handle it fine, just you wait and you'll see- I will do as want, 'cause I'm finally free! What is this voice in my ear? Bugging me loudly and clear? Telling me what I should do? And claims its wisdom is true? But I won't listen today, I'd rather go off and play- They say I'm just the right age, To make a hit on the stage! But that didn't do well after opening night, I was thrown in a cage and was locked up real tight, Should have followed that bug 'cause I knew it was right! A fire burned down the place, Now I've fallen from grace- But I've a new friend today, He said he'll show me the way- An island only for boys, Filled up with candy and toys- With smokes and beer in a glass, Where you act really crass! And then find you are turning into a dumb a.......... donkey Within this dark evening gloam, I think I'd better go home- But now there's nobody here, It's just that bug in my ear. They say Papa went to sea, Said he's looking for me- They tell a dark scary tale, That he was ate by a whale! Now the whole world will know that I am to blame! And my father's demise will now bear my name! I'm the boy with no heart, or a soul then to claim! Somehow, I am going to make this right, I got nuthin' to lose unless I don't fight So I'll swim out to sea, and I'll find him tonight! I don't care if I'm drowned in the deep blue sea, There was something I learned when I finally got free, That a father's real love's more important than me- What is this casing I'm in? Is this my body and skin? I have this feeling of joy- I am no longer a toy! I have finally done right, and become a Real Boy! c&p 2022 RyuuAja Music & Productions
Midsummer 04:09
Midsummer- Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Cool breeze, sheltering trees, deep within a glen, All around, sound, on the ground, footsteps fall of little men, Now look wise, in my eyes, tell me what you see. Too late, by Fate, you belong to me! Your wit slipped a bit, words have gone too far, Now it's true that I'll turn you straight into the ass you are! By what right on this night, do I make my claim? Mortal Fool, know you that Puck is my name! FAERIES DANCE IN A FRENZIED RING! ELVES PLAY PIPES AND THE GOBLINS SING! ROBIN GOODFELLOW WILL TAKE HIS QUEEN ONCE UPON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM! Love's fair potion rare, held within my hand, And with this thing, I can bring chaos into Faerieland! A warm drop from the top and we all will see, As it cools what fools these mortals can be! (Chorus) "Puck's Dementia" Instrumental (Chorus)
Your Coming Spring - Music & Lyrics by Alexander James Adams You said I've kept you here for far too long, You say that I have done you many a hurtful wrong, Well perhaps my love, that may be so, But I only follow the reasoning I know- I never meant to cause you endless pain, Yet now I have and so I suffer all of your disdain- And though I still cannot seem to understand, I relinquish my control and open up my hand To let you go- THE SUN WILL RISE AND NEW LIFE IS COMING SOON, I WATCH YOUR EYES AS THEY GAZE UP TO THE SILVER MOON & ALL THE SEASONS CHANGE, AS MY FORTUNES REARRANGE, FOR TO FREE YOU NOW WILL BRING A CURSED WINTER TO ME WITH YOUR COMING SPRING To walk amongst the dead is all I've ever known, To see your strength and beauty made me come into my own- I felt a wakening of a hunger and a need, And dishonoured it by acting out of my own greed To stop the snow- (Chorus) And they say the Gods can lie- No one knows that better than I- But go enjoy your time in the summer sun, With the start of spring, my winter's just begun- Every day you're gone a drop of blood I'll bleed, It stains the hallowed ground like a pomegranate seed- The triple howl of dogs that will echo through the night, Will haunt the darkness left by the lack of your enduring light That shined below- And I know the Gods will lie! For none have suffered such as I! But if you return to me in the coming Fall, I'll endure it all to hold you once again- (Chorus) c&p 2022 RyuuAja Music & Productions
Please Awake 05:05
Please Awake - Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams PLEASE AWAKE MY LOVE- OPEN UP YOUR EYES- YOUR TRUTH IS ENCIRCLED WITH THORNS, AND ONLY YOU KNOW WHERE IT LIES- Cursed from the start, blessed at the end, Your childhood was pierced through the heart With your innocence lost as its mend- Your city still dreams, Your people still breathe, All is not as it currently seems, For you still have your will to bequeath- (Chorus) Once long ago, you cast a smile, It caught me and kept me in tow on this path that I've traveled a while- I conquered my fear, And I braved the way, I stand ready to break this veneer, And then welcome you to a new day! (Chorus) Your fire is bright, Your heart has a beat, Your dreams must arise from the nightmares of which only you can defeat- The dragon is dead, I find myself here- Your beauty asleep on the bed, And with not but my kiss and a tear- (Chorus) (Chorus) c&p 2022 RyuuAja Music & Productions
Neverland 05:03
Neverland - Music & Lyrics : Heather Alexander Once we all were children, and so it was we'd play, But then you all grew up and as adults, you went away- And I was left alone here, just as it used to be, No one but the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell and me- So I flew around the moon three times and caught a falling star, And came into this world of mimes to live just as you are- And all I found was pain here, and one thing that held true, That you did not believe in me, so I won't believe in you! NEVER AGAIN! TO DO AS ALL ADULTS HAVE DONE! NEVER AGAIN! WILL MY WORLD AND YOUR OWN BE ONE! NEVER AGAIN! WILL YOU HEAR WHEN THE CHILD WITHIN ME CRIES, NEVER AGAIN! NEVER IS WHERE MY HEART NOW LIES! NEVERLAND! NEVER IS WHERE MY HEART NOW LIES! Neverland is well protected against all time and age, All schooling's been rejected, I'm not a parrot in a cage! Your minds are over-rated, your spirits all are cowed, Here I'm not tolerated and my freedom's not allowed! (Chorus) I've returned to Neverland to play my favourite games, Forgotten is the pain at hand, and I don't remember names- There's Indians and mermaids far better than a book, And if my interest in them fades, well, there's always Captain Hook! (Chorus) c&p 2022 RyuuAja Music & Productions
Brownie Dan 03:09
Brownie Dan - Music & Lyrics : Alexander James Adams The sky has opened with rain, you've lost your house and home, Just head up to the northern hills where all good gypsies roam- A little magic hollow, that only friends know where, It's tended by a little guy whose gift is to repair- So set yourself a campsite, and light a fire high, Don't cheat, or whine or steal, and never, ever lie! An honest day of labor and a well-cooked meal at night, Will satisfy his watchful eye and then he'll set things right! BROWNIE DAN, BROWNIE DAN, FIXIN' THINGS FOR MORTAL MAN- WHEN YOU GIVE HIM HIGHLAND WHISKEY LIFE WILL RUN JUST LIKE YOU PLAN! IF THERE'S SOMETHING THAT HE CANNA FIX, YOU KNOW THAT NO ONE CAN, FOR THERE'S NOT A SOUL KNOWS ALL THE TRICKS LIKE MY FRIEND BROWNIE DAN! He shelters cold, wet chickens, protects a flock of geese, He builds a sacred structure with bricks and elbow grease- He fixes magic windows and he manicures the trees, But point him out, and then he'll pout, and hide where no one sees! (Chorus) He'll cut and sew a leather coat and ease a shoulder pain, Repair a leaky fishing boat, unclog a stopped-up drain, He fashions up a flaming sword, sets right a busted cart, He has the means, or so it seems, to mend a broken heart! (Chorus) Always be your best! That's the lesson that he'd like to the rest! Just one thing you must beware, That once you thank him then you'll find he won't be there! (Chorus) (Chorus) c&p 2022 RyuuAja Music & Productions
Cinder & Slipper - Music & Lyrics : Alexander James Adams She came late in evening like a nightingale's song, We danced through the hours though they hardly seemed long- When the clock struck at midnight she turned ash and pale, And slipped through my arms like thin smoke in a gale- I called and pursued her, though the night hid her form- She left a small slipper all crystal and warm, Which I held to my breast as I cast all about, While the flame that grown in my heart flickered out- CINDER & SLIPPER ARE ALL THAT REMAINS, I'LL WANDER THE WOODS, AND THE CITIES AND PLAINS- WHEN I FIND MY FAIR LADY, I'LL KNOW THAT IT'S TRUE, FOR THERE IS BUT ONE FOOT THAT WILL FIT IN THIS SHOE- They lined up as perfect as perfect can be, A vision of beauty for all men to see- But the show would not fit and though each took her turn, The embers within my cold heart, would not burn- (Chorus) Happily Ever After- The stories all say it is so- They tell tales of love and laughter, But the truth of my pain, they don't know- It was late in the evening at the inn where I stayed, A servant girl lit up a fire that she'd laid, When the flame lashed in anger, she danced back in flight, 'Twas a movement I'd seen on a much different night, CINDER & SLIPPER ARE ALL THAT REMAINS, I've wandered the woods, and the cities and plains, Have I found my Fair Lady, pray say that it's true! That the fit and the flame that I search for is you! Happily Ever After- The stories all say it is so- They tell tales of love and laughter, But the truth of my pain, they won't know- c&p 2022 RyuuAja Music & Productions
Izboushka, Izboushka! - Music & Lyrics : Alexander James Adams In the forest dark and deep, there lies a house that does not sleep, But runs about on chicken feet within its yard- It is Baba Yaga's house, kept well by cat and dog and mouse, Protected by three knights that roust the heavens hard- SPINNING 'ROUND AND TURNING BOUND WITH CHIMNEY FIRE BURNING DOWN- SURROUNDED BY A GATE OF BONES WITH LIGHTED SKULLS TO SEE! IZBOUSHKA, IZBOUSHKA! TURN THY BACK AGAINST THE FOREST AND THY FRONT TO ME! Enter through the gate of bones, but listen to the creaks and moans, And use some oil to grease those zones of rust and wear- Feed to dog and cat and mouse before you call up to the house, Show kindness to the ones who grouse that you find there- (Chorus) If you're good and brave and true, Baba Yaga will not eat you- If you act with kindness of heart, Baba Yaga won't tear you apart! Do your chores as you are told and Baba Yaga will not scold, And let your troubles all unfold, but keep your smile- When you work with love and light, you gain it back from those in sight, Who also suffer from the plight of Yaga's trial- (Chorus) Dawn and Noon and Night ride on and soon a month or so is gone, Your work is just a marathon, but yet you stand, With the help of secret friends, your list of housework finally ends, And Baba Yaga must attend your deal as planned- (Chorus) c&p 2022 RyuuAja Music & Productions
The Apple Changes You - Music & Lyrics : Alexander James Adams An apple's just an apple, or is it something more? You cannot know the world at large if you do not leave your door! If you never take a single bite, then you'll always have that doubt, But once you sample of its flesh, you cannot spit it out! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TRY! FIND THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIE! THEN YOU CAN TRULY SEE YOUR UNFOLDING DESTINY! THAT'S ALL IT EVER TAKES! THERE ARE NO HIGHER STAKES! AND ONCE YOU SEE WHAT'S TRUE, THE APPLE CHANGES YOU! Will it bring you love and riches? Can it cure your hidden pain? Can it take away the fears of life, leaving hope yet to remain? It depends on who is offering be they friend or be they foe, But alas, without that trusting taste, how can you ever know? (Chorus) Take a bite, pretend it's right, Just close your eyes so no one dies! Trust what you see, not what you feel, All fantasy can yet be real! With just one bite, all will be done, With just one bite this fight is won!!! (Chorus) (Chorus) c&p 2022 RyuuAja Music & Productions
Little Red Hood - Music & Lyrics : Alexander James Adams Little Red Hood, Little Red Hood- Why, oh why, oh why, did you come to my wood? Little Red Hood, wonder if I should, Trust you with the secrets of my wood- You strayed from off the path too far, Should have listened to your grand mama- Now the wolf is on your track, and there is no going back! There's more to you than meets the eye, Not afraid to live, not afraid to die, You are honest, brave, and true- I swear I smell a little wolf in you- Little Red Hood, Little Red Hood- Why, oh why, oh why, did you come to my wood? Little Red Hood, watched as long as I could, Now you're waltzin' in here as they said you would! You gaze at me with deadly stare, There is not a drop of fear in there, You would have my head today, is there any other way? You cannot make me what I'm not, I will only do as I am taught, We must all be as we are, And you, my dear, have been quite safe so far! I'm not as all the stories say, I am civilized in my own way, But my limits are quite clear- And you, my love, are standing very near- Little Red Hood, Little Red Hood- Why, oh why, oh why, did you come to my wood? Little Red Hood, is it understood? If you come no closer now, I can still be good! But if you lay your hands on me, Then your safety, I can't guarantee, I will meet you one-on-one, we will see who is undone! I'll lock you in my fierce embrace, Moving heart-to-heart, and face-to-face, You will feel my heavy breath- As we both engage ourselves in a "little death"! Little Red Hood, Little Red Hood- Why, oh why, oh why, did you come to my wood? c&p 2022 RyuuAja Music & Productions
With These Boots - Music & Lyrics : Alexander James Adams So you got the raw end of the deal, It's the heart, not the head, that determines what's real- If you're stuck in your life where you don't want to stay, Open up, light your heart, and then make your own way! Locked inside, working hard is for some, I'll tell you now that I never will be that same one! Gentle breeze and the wide, ever-beckoning road, Makes for stories from which all great legends are told! GIVE ME TALL BOOTS AND LET ME ROAM FREE! I CAN MAKE YOU THE MASTER OF YOUR DESTINY! EMPTY BAG AND MY WITS ABOUT ME, I WILL BRING HOME THE PLEASURES OF LIFE SO THE WHOLE WORLD CAN SEE, WITH MY BOOTS I AM FREE! Some folk they must follow the rules, I'll tell you now that there are very different schools- We should not be controlled by the whims of our fate, And I think that it's foolish to sit 'round and wait! (Chorus) With these boots I am free! I can make something real out of my fantasy, Inspiration's the key! That I'll use to create what I want my own fate now to be! With these boots, I can do many things, Talk to commoners, jacks, queens, and high lofty kings! Kick a bad guy right out of his big shiny house, 'Cause in my eyes, he's only a little fat mouse! (Chorus) c&p 2022 RyuuAja Music & Productions
Love's Embrace - Music & Lyrics : Alexander James Adams Could you not just wait one single night? Thought you knew beyond what's wrong and right? Did you even hear the words I'd say? If you did, then why'd you do it anyway? You thought me ugly once before, Well now I'm that, and so much more- A mean and vicious kind of sight, A beast by day and now much worse by night! CAN YOU HOLD ME NOW? I DON'T THINK YOU CAN! I'M THE BEAST YOU MADE ME OUT TO BE! ONLY LOVE'S EMBRACE CAN CHANGE ME TO A MAN! I thought I made it crystal clear, Yet you let reason interfere- And when I told you what I need, You let your fears about me intercede- Well, now I'd best be on my way, I'll leave before the break of day- The cock and crow shall be my guide, The horse and dog will follow at my side! Hungry as a wolf, strong as any bear, Free as any eagle circling in the air- Swift as any stag, fierce as any lion, Lonely as the animal whose heart is slowly dying! Nature's Child! Rampant, crazed and wild! (Chorus) So now you've come to my new home, Amidst the waters, woods, and loam- I find you standing at my door, Wearing a face I've seen just once before- I can't believe you're really here, I'll back away if you draw near- All Nature's beasts with deadly harms, Will rise to meet you if I'm in your arms! (Chorus) (Chorus) Change me! Change me! Change me! Can you hold me now? c&p 2022 RyuuAja Music & Productions


A collection of faerie tales retold from new perspectives to inspire the listener to find the Hero's Path in their own life story


released November 25, 2022

Lyrics & Music by: Alexander James Adams & Heather Alexander

AJ Adams: Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle, Penny Whistle, Mandolin, Keys, Percussion
Heather Alexander: Vocal
SJ Tucker: Vocal : sjtucker.com
Betsy Tinney: Cello : betsytinney.com
Ned Wilkinson: Bass : twitter.com/RhubarbTheBear
Fox Amoore: Piano & Keyboard Voices and Percussion : www.foxamoore.com

Herb Leonhard: Exterior & Interior Cover Art : www.herbleonhard.com

Recording & Mixing: RyuuAja Music & Productions, Everywhere, USA
Studio Engineer: AJ Adams
Mastering: Endless Creations, Glide OR
Mastering Engineer: Pavana Dharma

For more info, go to www.faerietaleminstrel.com or alexanderjamesadams.com


all rights reserved



Alexander James Adams Redmond, Washington

From the Land of Fae comes the Faerie Tale Minstrel with songs and stories of days gone by and futures yet to come. Guitar and fiddle support a voice that enchants the ear and comforts the heart. Jigs and reels, lust and lullabye, the magic and music are there for those that believe. ... more

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