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Balance of Nature

by Alexander James Adams

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Kamani Alexander James Adams's Balance of Nature is a wonderful album. The songs are wonderful, musically and lyrically, and He of the Sidhe is an incredible example of it. Nearly all the songs are about transitions of some sort, or about moving forward, and they are all worth listening to.
Thanks for putting out such a wonderful album. Favorite track: He of the Sidhe.
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jemariel It was very difficult to pick a favorite track. The common thread running through his album is one of inner truth, self-transformation, and breaking free from bonds. This album deals with some heavy emotions, but it does so with crystal-clear lighthearted joy, as is the minstrel's way. It is a celebration of the journey as much as the destination. The musicianship is, as always, virtuoso, and Alexander's voice shines like a beacon. I cannot recommend highly enough. Favorite track: He of the Sidhe.
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    This debut album celebrates freedom and self empowerment with songs of magical beasts and tales of transformation. Features "Creature of the Wood" and "Good Beltaine Fire"
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    This debut album celebrates freedom and self-empowerment with songs of magical beasts and tales of transformation. Features "Creature of the Wood" and "Good Beltaine Fire"

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FROM NEVERLAND Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams Lost boys playing on a mountain ridge, Jumping into water from a hanging bridge Every day of play is much the same, You never ever want to leave the game! Fly with faeries on the summer wind, Swim with mermaids scaled and rainbow skinned, Fight with pirates fierce and never die, Forget the painful things that made you cry- NEVER AGAIN TO HIDE MYSELF BEHIND A SECRET DOOR! NEVER AGAIN TO LET MY STRENGTHS BECOME ABUSED ONCE MORE! NEVER AGAIN TO LET ANOTHER TELL ME WHERE TO STAND! I SWORE THAT ALL WHEN I LEFT NEVERLAND! Neverland’s a magic place to hide away, A place where wounded children laugh and play, A place where faerie dust can cool the burn, But you never grow, you never learn- One day while playing by a faerie nook, I was seized and captured by ol’ Captain Hook! Drops of poison then, he gave me three, And painful memories flooded back to me I screamed and fought and faeries heard my cries They came and severed all the ropes and ties, On faerie dust I flew away but then, Things were never quite the same again! I took my tears and pain to Peter Pan, He said the only cure was to be a man, We fight with pirates to defend our youth, Grownups must defend their inner truth! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2007
CREATURE OF THE WOOD Lyrics: Philip Obermarck Music: Heather Alexander I am a creature of the wood, Forsaken in my solitude My song is pleasure and is pain My song can drive a man insane So come with me, my pipes I’ll play And we will dance ’til break of day! I shall be thy lover! I’ve been alive since time began Not beast, not God and yet not man I am the music and the dance I am the piper who enchants So loose all ties to Mortal kind My pipes shall play within thy mind! I shall be thy lover! Come unto me, my beauteous maid I’ll lead thee to the hidden glade Thou shalt be happy and be free When I play, thou wilt dance for me! We’ll feast on fruit fresh from the vine And I will sample the fruit of thine! I shall be thy lover! Sweet love I’ll make for thee alone And show thee sights before unknown I’ll be thy master and thy friend For I’m the gold at Rainbow’s End I am the beast within all men I am the rhyme past Mortal ken! I shall be thy lover! I’ve played my pipes before Man’s dawn Seen maidens ripe turn pale and wan Taught Man the art of song and dance Yet had to part from Mortal clans I must return to silent dells No fire burns, and Nature dwells! So take thy rest within the shade And as the evening hours fade I’ll take thee deeper in the glade My cloven hooves through heather wade I’ll teach thee things Man has forbade Our souls entwined and unafraid I shall be thy lover! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2007
TROLL IN VALHALLA Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams There’s a troll in Valhalla ‘neath the bright Rainbow Bridge, He jumps out and scare you if you’re close to the ridge! But just give him a kiss or a fierce fighting grin, And he’ll offer you treats and then welcome you in! TO VALHALLA! WHERE THE VALKYRIE SINGS! WHERE THE ALE HORNS ARE FULL AND THE HORSES HAVE WINGS! VALHALLA! IT'S WARRIOR'S GOAL! TO FIGHT FIERCELY, LOVE LUSTILY AND PAY OFF THE TROLL! He’s the hero of children and the bane of king’s men, He breaks regulations again and again! If you’re weak-willed or lazy, or your heart is not true, Then you’ll meet with his axe and you’ll never get through! When the music starts up and the Storm Father sings, The troll gets his dulcimer covered in strings- Which he beats with a hammer ‘til the wood flies apart, Oh the sound isn’t pretty, but it comes from the heart! He challenges scoundrels, he'll terrorize thieves! He'll take down the peddlers of poisonous leaves! You can’t bribe him with gold or with jewels or with pearls, But I’ve heard he’s a thing for those blond pretty girls! In Valhalla! Valhalla! Live your life to it’s fullest, ‘til your time is at hand, And the Valkyrie carry you far from this land- Let your foes, friends and lovers be many and great, So when you meet the troll, he will open the gate! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2007
FROM OUT THE BARROW Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams I come from out the barrow, I have chosen you as wife! I promise immortality and everlasting life- Where a moment lasts forever and a journey has no end, On the straight path of a ley line you will always feel the bend! WON'T YOU COME WITH ME WHERE THE WATER RUNS DEEP? WHERE THE FIRE HEART BURNS AND THE LAND IS ASLEEP? LEAVE YOUR TEARS AND PAIN, LET YOUR HEART BE UNBOUND! MEARLY MELT AS SPRING RAIN- WITH ME INTO THE GROUND! I will cover you with diamonds! I will wrap you up in gold! I'll warm you with the Earth’s blood! I can cool with caverns cold! You will never know a hunger, you will never feel a thirst! I bring blessings from asunder, though by mortals I am cursed! This offer I am making, It will echo two nights more! You have until the waning moon To answer this implore- On the third night of my singing, if your heart will not be true, Then this darkness I am bringing, shall forever follow you! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2007
HYMN TO HERNE Music & Lyrics: SJ Tucker (used with permission) You can say your prayers, work your rights Burn your little candles day and night You can shimmy till dawn to the pounding drums But you best be ready when the Horned One comes You can wake to sound of the hunting horn Dance a ring in the gathering storm If the Solstice time gets your panties in a wad It’s just the coming of the Horned God HE WILL CALL YOU OUT, MAKE YOU SWEAT! GIVE YOU A BLESSING THAT YOU'LL NEVER FORGET! SO REVEL IN THE CHASE & LET YOUR HEART BEAT RUN BLESSED ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE HORNED ONE! BLESSED ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE HORNED ONE! Hunter who tracks out side of time Guardian Lord of Ancient rhyme Brother Stag in the musky glen Consort of the Goddess in the woodland den We call you forth as we make our way Walking in your power every day Guide us true in the hunt this night And maybe even later in the Great Rite! You can wake to sound of the hunting horn Dance in a ring in the gathering storm So revel in the chase and let your heart beat run But you best be ready, little one, You best be ready when the Horned One comes Sea Fire Productions Inc p 2007
BLOOD AND PASSION Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Pulse of passion, heart of truth Soul of old, blood of youth Strength that’s born from pain’s adrenaline Summons out what lies within THE MOON IS HIGH! THE NIGHT IS YOUNG! THE VOICES CRY! THE SONG IS SUNG! BLOOD AND BODY ARE ONE! Smoke and darkness, gasp of air Ecstasy, grim despair, Whispered voices speak from deep inside, Spilling truths too strong to hide Burning silver, spark of gold Blood is hot, sweat is cold- Shadows bend and shape to something new Brought to light by what is true Is it that things really change? Or does the outside rearrange? Is perception genuine? Or does truth lie deep beneath the skin? Glistening muscle, heated breath Love and hate, life and death Will you dare at all to meet my eyes? It’s in there your own strength lies! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2007
FAREWELL, FAREWELL Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams A storm front came in, it was bringing bad weather, With thick clouds of black that would darken the skies, Out of our fears then we clung close together, We saw what we chose in the other one’s eyes! We both fought each other, as a man fights the ocean We could not change ourselves and could not change the tide It was fear and not love that was our true emotion We locked down our truths and we suffered inside! FAREWELL, FAREWELL! YOU SWEET PRECIOUS DARLIN'! LET THE FERRY BOAT CARRY YOU WELL OUT TO SEA! YOU NEVER COULD LOVE THE MAN HERE BEFORE YOU, BUT SUCH COULD BE SAID OF THE SAME THING FOR ME! We endured what we could of the rows and the rages, My soul was a lion, your heart was a lamb, You prayed that my spirit would settle with ages I prayed you would love me for all that I am! I saw what I wanted, you saw what you needed, We invested our laughter, our love and our tears, If wishes were whispered they seldom were heeded, Til at last when you said you had wasted your years! We sailed half a lifetime though harsh words spoken We healed as we could but were still badly scarred I tried at the last to repair what was broken And you would have stayed had I not tried so hard I endeavored to save what I could in the ending, I'd never believe that our friendship was through, I wanted your interest without false pretending, But interest of wealth was all I was to you! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2007
THE ROYAL GRUMP SONG Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams There’s no sun and there’s no light, The day’s too short, too long the night, I’m way too cold, I’m way too wet, It’s just as bad as it can get! What can I do to make it all fine? If I can’t grump, I’ll just plum wine! I work too hard, yet I’m too poor, I cannot take it any more, I’m way too tired, I’m wide awake, I’ve had as much as I can take! From happy days, I’ll have to resign! If I can’t grump, I’ll just plum wine! I rant and rave around the house, I gripe and groan and grump and grouse, You chuckle at me all the while, I challenge you to make me smile! I’m in rage and it is all mine! If I can’t grump, I’ll just plum wine! It’s a matter of honour and a matter of pride! I can’t explain how I feel inside! I have tried to cheer up but the bottom line, Is if I can’t grump, I’ll just plum wine! I scream and shout so you can hear, I tell you that the end is near, I still can’t stand, I still can’t think You win me with my favourite drink! Give me that glass though I feel asinine If I can’t grump I’ll drink plum wine! Sea Fire Productions Inc. c&p 2007
HE OF THE SIDHE Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams By Winter’s light on Solstice night I watched the Wild Hunt go- With silver bells and savage yells, my frozen heart laid low- I watched them ride to the mortal side but I never tried to leave- I’d been self banned to Faerieland, forever there to grieve- The hunting horn and the sun reborn called Them from human ground- The Faerie Queen caused quite a scene with the artifact she’d “found”- A little wooden fiddle that she stole from mortal man- She played with glee so perfectly as only Faeries can! (Rights of Man) That simple song, before too long made my whole body shake- For deep inside, no more to hide, my soul was now awake! The Faerie chain that bound my pain was shattered by her tune- My frozen heart would break apart! I had to get out soon! BE IT CARVED FROM OUT THE FINEST WOOD OR STRUNG WITH SILVER STRING ONLY MORTAL TRUST OR FAERIE DUST CAN MAKE A FIDDLE SING! Then suddenly, Her Majesty gazed at me cold and hard- “I like to know where you would go, my humble hapless bard!” “The world out there is cruel to bear, but if you needs be free- Prove that you can, my mortal man, play better than the Sidhe!” (Queen’s solo) Her challenge played, all bets were laid, she beckoned unto me- I took the little fiddle and I held it tenderly- Remembering the painful thing from which I’d run away- I made the choice with this new voice to face it here today! (Boy’s solo) My heart’s refrain had cured my pain and the Queen said unto me- “Your inner fear has held you here, and now my lad, you’re free!” “This fiddling pride I’ll lay aside, it’s brought me little joy”- I’ve lost one whirl to a red haired girl, and now to you my boy! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2007
This is a vocal improv: The lyrics are in Faerie Tongue.
SIDHE IS HERE Lyrics & Music: Heather Alexander Additional Lyrics: Alexander James Adams I hear the horns of fair Avalon sound out across the misted hill I feel the Bhean Sidhe’s breath upon my neck and back with frosty chill I smell the scent of moss and leaves, of water and of stone I see the truth my heart believes, the secret hidden in my bone (whispered) Sidhe is here! I drank the blood of the Chalise well of healing and of ancient lore I learned the truth it had to tell me once then twice again before I walk the path the ley lines make of magic and of power I trust the road that I must take of hoof and horn and field and flower- I spoke with Fae so many times, They know my wish, my heart’s desire I swore an oath in song and rhymes to brave the blaze of a sacred fire I healed a wound that I have kept for many years concealed, I’ve dried the tears so often wept, allowing truth to be revealed- You held the faith while Sidhe was gone, and Magic worked to weave my fate, You could not tread the path I’m on, and so you found the strength to wait- You welcome me with open heart, in perfect trust and love, You brave the fears that try to part the friendship we’re protective of- I journey with my heart and soul, I travel through the land of Fae I know that Magic has a toll and I’m prepared It’s price to pay I bind myself to music’s hand for It will see me through I learn the ways of Faerieland and bring this knowledge back to you- No thing’s ever given out that something back is not returned All things are without a doubt, great discoveries to be learned Every thing will Magic be and this I swear is true Sidhe will always live in me, as Sidhe will always live in you! Sea Fire Productions Inc. c&p 2007
GOOD BELTAINE FIRE Lyrics: Dobby the house imp Music: Alexander James Adams Blazing blood on a moonlit night Firelight glinting, burning bright We dance and chant and scream delight! Sylphs and gnomes just out of sight of FLAMES, FLAMES, REACHING EVER HIGHER, ROARING, PANTING, HISSING FIRE! FLAMES, FLAMES, LET THE LIGHT INSPIRE! NOTHING TAMES A GOOD BELTAINE FIRE! Swirling sparks in a firey flame, Call to each one of us by name, Igniting passion! Staking claim! Couples pair and it’s all fair game with Sacred woods in a firery flare Hawthorn and oak and ash are there All glowing naked 'gainst the glare Branches lit in a lustful snare of Kindling bonds in the morning dew Promising futures bright and new A pact is made beneath the yew, Saplings sprout right into view of Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2007
BALANCE OF NATURE Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams You felt her fire- You listened to her haunted song- Of true desire- And now the Empress is gone- A hopeless heart Is more than you can take- While something dark Is rising up from out the lake- YOU CAN RUN FOR THE CAVES OR THE HILL! BUT THE BALANCE OF NATURE'S COMING STILL WHERE THE PHOENIX ONCE BURNED, THE DRAGON HAS RETURNED BRINGING STRENGTH & POWER TO FULFILL THE WORD AND WILL! He rules the water- From rain and stream to storm and sea- A pearl of thunder- He carries in his company- His breath is raindrops Or fire falling from the sky- Across the hilltops- On winds of change you watch him fly He seeks Suzaku- The Phoenix burning ever bright- The flame he walks through- Turns to Sea Fire in the night- They call him Ryuu- She sings to him a battle cry- He roars I love you! They fight in joy and never die- They are the Yin and Yang- Bound by their wedded bliss- Without their fighting dance- This world would not exist- Without conflicting change- Life’s value then would cease- But balance kept in range- Will bring us all inner peace- Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2007


released August 1, 2007


all rights reserved



Alexander James Adams Redmond, Washington

From the Land of Fae comes the Faerie Tale Minstrel with songs and stories of days gone by and futures yet to come. Guitar and fiddle support a voice that enchants the ear and comforts the heart. Jigs and reels, lust and lullabye, the magic and music are there for those that believe. ... more

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