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A Familiar Promise

by Alexander James Adams

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    A heartfelt album revisiting the music of Heather Alexander featuring love songs of all kinds plus two new songs of magical romance and personal self empowerment.
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    A heartfelt album revisiting the music of Heather Alexander featuring love songs of all kinds plus two new songs of magical romance and personal self empowerment.

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ONLY THE MUSIC Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander The swirling of dresses, The scuffing of shoes- “Should my hair be in tresses?” “What tie do I choose?”- As the hall fills with dancers, And the strings start to sound- We will take that first step, And we won’t touch the ground FOR THERE'S ONLY THE MUSIC THAT PLAYS ON AND ON YES, THERE'S ONLY THE MUSIC THE HEARTACHES ARE GONE WE CAN STAND CLOSE TOGETHER WHILE THE WORLD DANCES BY 'CAUSE THERE'S ONLY THE MUSIC BETWEEN YOU AND I YES, THERE'S ONLY THE MUSIC BETWEEN YOU AND I A head on a shoulder, An arm ‘round a waist, If the weather gets colder, We both will be braced- For whatever the trouble, We still have a chance- If we hold hands together, And take time to dance- The clock hours bending, The hands spinning ‘round- From beginning to ending, As dancers we’re bound- With the memories like treasures, All safe in their vaults- When we hear the last measures, We’ll dance the grand waltz- Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1997
Familiar’s Promise Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander I can feel your heart burning With tears that you hide I will walk without turning Ever close by your side I will guard you at night And alert you to harm Then will snuggle up tight Just to keep us both warm LAY YOUR HAND ON MY HEAD AS THE FIRELIGHT DIES AND BELIEVE WHAT I’VE SAID FOR THIS LOVE NEVER LIES I’ll inspire you to laugh I’ll release you to cry I’m the strong silent half Of what we unify I will give you my heart If you give me your hand And it’s never we’ll part Whilst beside you I stand If it’s courage you seek I am yours to command I don’t outwardly speak But I still understand Through your joy and your strife I’ll attempt any task I will lay down my life All you needs do is ask Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2006
First Rising Tide Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams I was born in the ocean, in it’s cold arms to sleep My soft selkie coat I was happy to keep Then I saw you go walking on a wild distant shore I thought I would watch you a few moments more- You sat on a rock and you gazed out to sea And ever so often, your sights fell on me You laughed and you smiled and my heart gave to rise I found myself staring deep into your eyes- LET ME SHED OFF MY COAT AND COME WALK BY YOUR SIDE WE WILL LIE DOWN TOGETHER, I WILL BE YOURS FOREVER, ‘TIL THE NEXT BRIGHT, ROUND MOON WITH IT'S FIRST RISING TIDE- You stood up to leave, so I swam to the shore I rose to my feet, a great selkie no more Just a pale naked man who could speak not a word But you still knew my heart when it spoke, and you heard- We laughed and we touched while each night the moon grew My watery secret still hidden from you Til one evening at dusk, I was not to be found For the ocean had called and to Her I was bound- I heard you call out from that wild distant shore My heart started aching, my spirit grew sore I longed for the days that beside you I’d laid But to give up the sea, I was still too afraid- By the dark of the moon, I could not stand the pain My heart I would loose, but your love I would gain So I came up to meet you on that wild distant shore A selkie I’d been , but a selkie no more LET ME GIVE YOU MY COAT, AND MY HEART DEEP INSIDE WE WIIL LIE DOWN TOGETHER, I WILL BE YOURS FOREVER, PAST THE BRIGHT, ROUND MOON, WITH IT'S FIRST RISING TIDE!- Sea Fire Productions, Inc c&p 2008
DANCE IN A CIRCLE Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Out in the wood, there’s a band of small Faeries, If you walk unwary at night- They’re laughing and drinking, and soon you’ll be thinking, That you’d come to join in their light- If they see you, you know they’ll entreat you, To come and join in their small friendly dance- If you do then your soul will go too, You will loose it with no second chance- BUT PLEASE COME, JOIN, DANCE IN A CIRCLE THE VOICES WILL MAKE YOUR HEART BURN TO PLEASE COME, JOIN, DANCE IN A CIRCLE BUT KNOW THAT YOU'LL NEVER RETURN! They’ll promise you gold and silver a-plenty, You’ll never be empty of love- Beauty and pleasure, and time at your leisure, All things that you’ve been dreaming of- Success will be yours, through several doors, What ever you wish, you will find you can do- Beware of this prize, as a curse in disguise, Since your mortal life soon will be through- There is a way, as some folk would say, To save you ‘til the dawn- Denounce their kind, from your mind, Then you’ll find they are gone- Children’s tales, pirate sails, Unicorns, dragons, sorcerers too, They’re man conceived, make believe, You know that they aren’t true- And now I must tell, that I’m under their spell, Though I know not for how long I’ve been- And I love a lass though I know can't pass Back to Mortal lands ever again- I went to the king, in his wise faerie-ring, I asked him, “Oh what do you think I should do?” He said, “You’ll be fine!”, took a large swill of wine, And said, “Why don’cha have her join you?” Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1997
Broom of the Cowdenknowes Traditional Scottish song How blythe was I, each morn' ta see My lassie come o'er yon hill She leapt the bairn and she ran ta me I met her wi' good will OH THE BROOM, THE BONNEY, BONNEY BROOM THE BROOM OF THE COWDENKNOWES 'FAIN WOULD I BE IN MY AINE COUNTRY GUARDIN' HER FATHER'S YOWES Hard the fate, that I should banished be Gang wearily and mourn Because I lo'ed the fairest lass That ever yet was born Fare will, ye Cowdeknowes, fare will Fare will, all the pleasures there Ta wander by her side again Is all I crave or care
Storyteller 04:40
Storyteller Lyrics & Music: Heather Alexander I spin tales each day of this world full of wonder I hear people say you can harvest the plunder But as I reach out with a trembling hand All the gold coins just turn into sand I feel very weary, my temper is biting I know I've grown leary and tired of the fighting I pray every day that is all will be grand But I sure could use help of your kind, friendly hand PLEASE, STORYTELLER, PULL A TALE FROM YOUR POCKET SPIN ME A STORY FROM YOU COAT TAIL SO BARE MY HEART HAS TURNED COLD MY DREAMS ARE TOO OLD AND I NEED TO KNOW MAGIC'S STILL THERE My own coat's too thin and I'm down to the lining The spirit within, on it's self is entwining My colours are faded, my cuffs are both worn And the seam down the back is all tattered and torn I walk through your door, see the smile that won't tire I sit on the floor with your dog by the fire You guide me on walkways where the faerie lights burn And I hope that I never return Who'll keep the firelight bright when you're gone? Who has the insight to help me go on? You've taught me that stories once told can come true And I hope that I tell them with magic like you Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1994
THE STAR OF MAY MORNING Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander On a bright Beltaine morning, I rise from my sleep, And softly go walking where the dark is yet deep- And the tall eastern mountain, with it’s stretch to the sky, Casts a luminous shadow where my true love doth lie- I follow that shadow to where morning dew gleams, I’ll ne’er wake my love from her innocent dreams- Rather stand there in silence and watch for a while, For I’d ne’er wake her slumber, or trouble that smile- But passion soon takes me, my will then turns weak, And ever so gently, I kiss her fair cheek- So soft it that touch, she knows not I suppose, And upon her side pillow, I place one thorn-less rose The morning makes rainbows upon the white walls, Far off in the forest, the summer lark calls- Though the sun has now risen, one star I yet see, ‘Tis the Star of May Morning, my true love to me- She’s the Star of May Morning, my true love to me- Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2001
SAILOR'S ADVICE Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Many’s the port and many’s the town Many’s a soft place to lay your head down- But finding the right one’s a hard thing to do Chart your course as you may, but you might not pull through- You may find her pretty, you may find her dear Many’s the time that you held her quite near But if life at the helm is where you place your hand Then you can’t take her with you, if she’s wed to the land- AFTER ALL THAT'S BEEN SAID, & ALL THAT'S BEEN DONE YOU MAY FIND INSTEAD THAT SHE'S NOT THE RIGHT ONE SO IT'S SMILES & A WINK, & IT'S “ANCHOR'S A-WEIGH” AND GIVE THANKS FOR THE LOVE THAT YOU'VE HAD 'TIL TODAY! Many’s the island you find out at sea Many’s the shoreline where you’d like to be- Hold fast to that dock for a year and a day Let your heart then decide if you set sail or stay- If your heart has been claimed by the wild ocean blue Then sweet silent waters will not be for you- Set your sights on the storm and the wind and the gale And marry the one who will billow your sail! AFTER ALL THAT'S BEEN SAID, & ALL THAT'S BEEN DONE YOU MAY FIND INSTEAD YOU DON'T SEE THE RIGHT ONE 'CAUSE SHE'S WILD & SHE'S WILLFULL & FIGHTS YOU IN PLAY BUT THAT LOVE THAT YOU STEER BY WILL FIND YOU YOUR WAY! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2006
COME WITH ME, SIR Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander I walked out one balmy summer day A beautiful lady soon appeared in my way I met her ey, my heart began to fly And this is what I heard the lass to say: REMEMBER! REMEMBER OF ME! WILL YOU ONLY COME WITH ME, SIR? TAKE MY HAND? WALK BY THE SEA THROUGH THE SPARKLING SAND FORGET NOT ME OR WHAT HAS COME TO BE ON THIS BRIGHT DAY SO WARM AND GRAND! I walked with her through the hours of the day She made me feel in a wondrous way I asked her name but her words were just the same She'd kiss me once and this is what she'd say: The sun had set and night was drawing near She nestled close and I held her so dear I woke at dawn, but my lady, she was gone She left a kiss and the words I'll always hear: Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2001
The Garden 04:47
THE GARDEN Music and Lyrics by Heather Alexander I woke up one morning, To a crystal castle, all alone- Looked outside, and there lay before me A garden of dreams all my own- Barefoot I walked by it’s sparkling stream, Smiled to the fish swimming there- Said “Hello” to the frog on his rock, Flew with the birds in the air- (chorus 1) Each man builds his own garden, By what his heart says is true- And mine is so very special to me, Can I trust it with you- Well my love, here’s the key to the garden, Tread soft as you travel it’s lands- Walk with bare feet, say “Hello” to the frog, And drink from the stream with your hands- I remember you smiled and said “You know, I’ve seen this before” And the wind sang a love song so sweet- The flowers bowed down their heads as you passed, And the grass sparkled under your feet- (chorus 2) Each man builds his own garden, By what his heart says is true- And mine is so very special to me, But it seems I can share it with you- We reached the end of the garden, You said “You know, this will work out just fine” “The reason it seemed so familiar to me, Is that yours is built right next to mine.” “Together we’ve built the same garden, The very same stream running through- And I think the walls between us should fall, So that there’ll be one garden for two.” (chorus 3) Each man builds his own garden, By what his heart says is true- And I thank the stars that watch over me Because ours is a garden for two- Ours is a garden for two- Sea Fire Productions, Inc c&p 1996
MAIDEN OF SPRING Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Come Lady, play with me All of the day with me Let me come lay with thee Maiden of spring Please let me dance with thee Gambol and prance with thee Let this romancing be Our song to sing I will adorn with you Flowers new-born with you ‘til we have worn them through into the night You have now heard my song Every last word is strong Like a wild bird along It’s morning flight Let us pick flowers where We can spend hours there And all the powers dare As we first kiss Held tight within my arms Protected here from harms Moonlight to lend its charms Quickening our bliss If we stay tarrying Here in this faerie ring We will be carrying Love’s specials seal Hand to hand let us be Free but forgetlessly Ever to blessed be Part of life’s wheel Come Lady, play with me All of the day with me Let me come lay with thee MAIDEN OF SPRING! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2006
She is Mine 05:07
SHE IS MINE Music & Lyrics: Alexander James Adams Once again I hear A song sung especially for me She whispers it soft in my ear Like a call from the sea That voice cuts through any dark storm As do bells when they chime The tune wraps around me so warm And rocks to the rhythm of time Soon a chorus of three words will form: “She is Mine!” Hand in hand we walk Down the roads of future and past Present flies on the wings of a hawk Yet our bond forever will last At times tears between us will fall Or a smile quick to shine A gold dust envelops it all Around us to gently entwine These things give me strength to stand tall “She is Mine!” She is softness inside my own heart She is the faith from which I cannot part She is the light in my life when it’s dark And I can’t find my way- Magick fills my day, Secrets from dusk until dawn She helps keep my troubles at bay All the shadows are gone I look the mirror each night And trace each crease and line Her eyes gaze back at me so bright Saying, “It all will be fine!” “If we’re bonded our life will go right.” “She is Mine!” She will be mine to the end of our days We can combine two sparks into one blaze Both will align then to balance and Raise up our life as a sign “She is Mine!” “She is Mine!” “She is Mine!” Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2008
NEW NORTHWEST Music &Lyrics by Heather Alexander Here I stand, a free man, I Finding it too hard to lie Your regard pleads me to stay Yet still I must make my way God has answered my one plea I will walk forever free We must part, heart to heart, though still we will always be ROCK AND WATER, FISH AND TREE, CALLING LOUD AND LONG FOR ME! FROM THE LAND WHERE I'LL BE BLESSED, A HOME WITHIN THE NEW NORTHWEST! From the truth we cannot hide I cannot stay by your side You will have to let me go Knowing all that I now know Secrets we both have a few This one I have told to you Salt and loam, hearth and home, will give to me life anew There’s a time I know not when Separate paths may cross again Eyes will meet and hands will clasp Pain this day will loose it’s grasp We’ll both have our lives and still Of this bond not have our fill Trust my friend, in the end, it’s all up to heaven’s will There’s the land where I’ll be blessed! My home within the New Northwest! Sea Fire Productions c p 2001
THE BOW’S TURNED BACK Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander When the night turns lonely, I think of you only As I’m rocked on waves of the storm Your arms around me, your charms astound me You kiss is keeping me warm- I’ve heard the cry from the crow’s nest high That we’re homeward bound straight and true- Just a few more nights, and I’ll see the lights That will bring me back home to you- FOR THE WIND IS BLOWIN' THE SEA IS ROLLIN'’ THE DOLPHINS DANCE IN THE FOAM- TEH SEAGULL'S SINGIN' IN THE HIGHEST RIGGIN' AND THE BOW'S TURNED BACK TO MY HOME- It’s been a long travel,enough to unravel The strongest sailor adrift- As the dreams take o’er me, you appear before me In not but a simple white shift- To be so far from you when I finally come to Is far more than I can stand- When I touch the shore you will be at the door With a tall, warm drink for my hand- The sea is a creature of whimsical feature A lady fair so they’ve said But she’ll aim hard to take you, make you or break you And wash you up soon then for dead Her love, it is fickle, a silvery sickle That twists and turns ‘round on you fast Just ask any sailor, he’ll say without failure The best of the trip is last- Keep a light burnin’ I am returnin’ I’ll be home by the three quarter moon- I’ll be in your arms very soon- With every tall wave that we breach I come that much closer to your loving reach-


released April 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Alexander James Adams Redmond, Washington

From the Land of Fae comes the Faerie Tale Minstrel with songs and stories of days gone by and futures yet to come. Guitar and fiddle support a voice that enchants the ear and comforts the heart. Jigs and reels, lust and lullabye, the magic and music are there for those that believe. ... more

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